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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Garlic or Kindness

My role models, Gale and Mabel

Do you have a role model? A heroine or hero?
I do. My grandpa and my grandma, Gale and Mabel. I have others but they are the first people I remember admiring. The first people I wanted to be like.

And I still do.
Remember them.
And admire them.
And try to be like them.
Even thirty-some years later.

I remember her subtle wit.
During her last days this side of heaven, she was asked why she didn’t just let go.
I just want to see how it all turns out.
A logical impossibility but spoken with a twinkle in her eye.

I admired his penchant for answering questions with humor.
At 78 he water skied.
Behind a boat.
On a big lake.
When asked where on the lake he’d like to go.
Why don’t I just follow you guys?
A spot on answer, but clearly not what we were going for.

And I especially liked their kindness.
Oh, the kindness.
Freely given.
To everyone.
At all times.
Oh, the kindness.

The thing is, I don’t recall specific examples. That’s probably because they weren’t merely being kind. They had in fact become kindness itself. It was in them. So much so that it seeped out. Oozed out, really, kinda like someone who had way too much garlic, except kindness smells better. And not everyone likes garlic, but who doesn’t like kindness?

So during the 20 or so years we shared time on this earth, I got to watch kindness. I got to experience kindness, their kindness. I believe that's why they became my role models.

Their model profoundly shaped my choices as I navigated this thing called living. And for the nearly 40 years since, based on their example, I have chosen kindness.

Am I kind? That’s not for me to say. What I can tell you is that I try to be kind. And not only do I try to be kind, it is my goal to become kindness. Like they became.

Garlic or kindness? I am a pretty big fan of garlic, but kindness is even better.

Who is your role model?
Whose past has profoundly shaped your present?

Perhaps more importantly, whose future are you shaping today?
We may have no idea, so just for good measure throw in a touch of kindness.


Thank you for reading.

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