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Thursday, July 12, 2018

. . . but words can never hurt me.

At the 2013 Boston Marathon, which represents lives of discipline and commitment to a worthy goal, a bomb punctuated the finish line with shrapnel and a message of hate. A blast devoid of love, proclaiming utter contempt for life.

For a bomb most assuredly results in death. It spreads like a cancer sucking life from anything it touches. An eye here, a limb there, a loved one no more. There is no possible positive outcome of a bomb. Only destruction.

To command such immediate and visible destruction, a bomb demands a big stage. It is an impressive tool of death, but it does not stand alone. Sadly, there are other tools just as insidious, just as crippling. Other tools, on a much smaller stage, which convey the message of hate just as effectively.  

One such tool is gossip. Gossip is a bomb of poison, with its shrapnel of words spreading like a cancer, sucking life from those it touches. There is no possible positive outcome of gossip. Only destruction.

But we have a choice.

Our choice is either one of love or one of hate.  There is no middle ground. If we choose love, we choose life. If we choose hate, we choose death. Our influence of love may not have stopped the Boston bombing, but our touch of love can certainly stop the spread of gossip.

The bomber and the gossip are the same; they both sow seeds of destruction. Only the stage is different.

Do we choose love or do we choose hate?
Do we choose life or do we choose death?

Our words will tell.

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