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Thursday, January 25, 2018



I acquired the above painting from a beautiful soul, a talented artist, and a seeker of the deep truths of God.

I teach yoga and get the opportunity to greet each student when they first arrive. Occasionally, someone carries in with them this unmistakable aura of being in the presence of Peace. Anna is such a person; calm transports her through the studio and settles deeply around her as she practices.

I do not recall how I learned her craft was painting, but it fits, especially when you see her work and read her words behind each piece. That calm she lives daily, lives in her work as well. Her art will transport you to a distant and—at the same time—an intimately near place that will settle deeply around you.

The piece I have, Spirit, does this for me.

In Spirit, I see the Spirit, God’s Spirit, distantly settling upon the trees, holding space for everything above the Earth. And at the same time, I feel his Presence surrounding me as if I am actually among the trees themselves.

Below the trees, I sense the shadow of His love supporting me, protecting me, guiding me. Spirit invites me to feel God encompassing me from above and below, while affirming His beauty, and my value, here on Earth.

I especially like how she snuck her signature among the trees. Can you spot it?
Find Anna's gallery of art HERE.

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