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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trust and Peace


Eighteen months ago, in my most recent post, I gave my perspective on wisdom. I shared how, as we advance chronologically, how, as we stack yet one more experience upon all of the preceding lessons, we know less yet understand more.  Well, a year and half later, I believe their is yet another level beyond understanding. That level is trust.

When we understand we are drawing from our information, our knowledge, and our perceptions.  But when we trust we draw from outside ourselves.

When we trust we are privy to the resources of our trust. Trust can be based on things here on earth and trust can be based on an infinite, unknowable, unsearchable God. When we trust in God, we can dip our ladle into God's bottomless bucket of love. When we drink from that bucket, God enters into us. As we allow Him to (ful)fill us we become more of Him and less of us. When we become infinitely less of us, we are, in a sense reduced to dust, and at the same time restored to wholeness by His Infinite Love.

When we trust, we encounter the Peace of God that passes understanding.

For musings from Dave on how to Love More and Judge Less link to his new book, The Bottom Turtle.

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