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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Peace - December 29 (Time Steps Aside)

Jen Welsman and I took yoga training together in Victoria 2012, where we became friends and post-training support buddies. Jen lives in Winnipeg where she performed for the RWB and where she taught this class. I was supporting her from Minneapolis by meditatively writing during her class.

Time Steps Aside
As I write this, it is 6pm and you've just begun asana. I sit here and hold your heart in my thoughts. I am breathing as you give your intention, trying to listen to the Universe and hear your words. I picture Ryann on her back in savasana, sending you peace, gradually forgetting it's you and becoming present with the practice.

Your voice is now calm. It was shaky for a beat, maybe 5 words, then a smile settled through your body, you found your rhythm. Time has stepped aside, having been gently ushered out of the room by your peace.  It'll return, but now it's happy to assume its humble state, ceding to you and your class. Just you and the class. Their breath is steady as you glide through the room, feeling the energy, guiding the energy, giving the energy. Get them in, name it, cue them through it, get them out. An adjustment, an intention, a pause. . . a thankfulness; from you for the privilege to guide them; from them to be in class, your class. Breathing, healing, learning. A dancer teaching with the grace of a dancer. Beautifully and skillfully guiding . . . virabradrasana 1 . . . virabradrasana 2 . . . flip the palms . . .  Midway savasana.  Halfway there. More intention, more breath.

Time sneaks a peek back into the room. Not yet. The room is still yours, the room is still theirs. Your unity leaves no space for time. Respectfully, it retreats, servant to your subtle strength, patient to your purpose. More breath. More healing. More learning. More postures. Suddenly, it's final savasana. Gratitude spreads easily throughout the room, softly blanketing each. Enough for all, enough to share.


Time nods its approval as it reassembles itself with each departing student. "Well done, Jen" it says. Both of you smile as if to say, "Thank you for sharing the Universe with me."

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