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Friday, December 28, 2012

Peace - December 28 (reader contributed)

Peace is . . .

. . . the collective breathing of sixty souls sharing their final savasana together. (anonymous)

. . . experiencing it with all your senses:
  • Listen for it in the giggles of children, a purring cat, leaves dancing in a light breeze.
  • Look for it in the rising or setting sun punctuating the beginning and ending of the day, in reflections on the calm waters of a lake, or in your partner's smile. 
  • Feel it in an embrace from a dear friend, in the innocence of a  sleeping infant cradled in your arms, or in a moment of complete surrender to a higher power.
  • Breathe in the scent of peace after a spring shower, while wandering through a rose garden, or in a kitchen filled with the aroma of baking bread.
  • Taste it in a sip of wine, a cup of tea, or a kiss.    (Contributed by Judy Wilkison)

. . . acceptance: acceptance of where you are and who you are today - not yesterday, not tomorrow.... (anonymous)

. . . knowing yourself. (anonymous)

(The following was contributed by Dave Pittman)
To me peace has had an ever changing meaning...
There was a time when I thought it simply meant non harming and being kind to others; today it means the same but with a catch.

The catch is this. How can we be at peace with the universe and those around us if we haven't first found peace with ourselves?
Once one has come to find peace within, only then can they truly find total peace. This peace includes many aspects of the self. Accepting yourself and being content regardless of your relationship status, looks, possessions, job or place in society.
Non harming and non judgment truly are the way to peace but this must start with oneself first.
Overcoming internal self judgement and in turn self harming will bring total peace.
Simply said, internal peace will spawn external peace. Find internal peace with oneself, then external peace with the world and with those around you will simply happen as a natural by-product.

(Thank you each for your contributions.)

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