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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer's End

Among the many great professions out there, I am glad I get to teach.
Who else gets to spend 180 days shaping the character and the mind of another person? And not just one other, but 150 others. Who else gets to know 150 kids so well that you know the instant they walk into your room whether there is something going on in their lives, and whether it's positive or negative?
We get to create a field of play from which they can learn, laugh, and grow. We get to change thought patterns and character traits. We get to build constructive habits and productive attitudes.
Who else gets to do this?  Who else gets to touch the hearts and minds of tomorrow every today?
We do! No one else does. No other profession, no other industry. Just us. How cool is that? We teach. That's what we do. 
And how, exactly, is it we get to do this? It is because of all the other great professions out there.   Thank you!

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