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Sunday, July 29, 2012


The calm after the storm
The still after the rain
The new
The old
The new with the old
We hand down our stories, intentionally and not
Quite often these burst out in love and in joy
But sometimes their absence is all that arrives
Do not despair . . .
In our brokenness, a word frees us. In our freedom love carries us. In our stillness cracks appear, dew glistens, beauty surrounds us. Wonderment! Flickering like fireflies. Always there. Now we see it. Always there. Now we don’t. Always there!
There in the rainbow. Often seen, never touched
There in the spider. Determined, spinning her masterpiece
There in the child. We know how they are made, but where do they come from?
There in the marble. Touched by the sculptor
There in new discoveries
Always there
But not always seen
Why do we see it?
Does the universe accommodate us or do we momentarily find our place within the universe?
The imperceptible pull, the cosmic gravity that quietly, patiently says,
Then seems to smile, a magnificent smile, when we finally see
And there it is!
That magical moment of clarity and pure connectedness, free from worry, free from time

I give you my gratitude for trusting me with your words, your stories. I ask for your grace if yours is not recognizable.

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