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Monday, April 4, 2011


The one constant in your life. It makes that promise to you, one tick at a time. Tick after tick after ceaseless tick. At least that is what It would have you believe. But Time lies. It is not constant. It stands still. It marches. It flies. It gets crunched, warped, lost, found, borrowed, kept, and made. We slice it and splice it. We kill it. We save it. It’s eternal. It’s fleeting. We ask others to give it to us. We even take our own. Sometimes you don’t have any of it.  Occasionally, you have all the time in the world. 

Time may be your ally but the clock is not your friend. Have you ever watched one? Have you ever watched an eighth grader watch one? My favorite days are when the bell rings and it catches us all off guard. On the other hand I hate wrapping it up only to find we have 7 minutes left. Either way the clock is deceitful; in one case it hides, letting time slip away, the other it mocks, smugly peering over its hands, which have all but stopped.

Why so fickle? One word. Engagement. If you are immersed in your undertaking, if your students are engaged, time disappears, learning emerges, understanding abounds. It’s the one constant in your life, it makes that promise to you, one enterprise at a time. 

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