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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

10 Tips to Poor Teaching

1. Ignore your students when they come into class.
2. Don't bother learning their names. That way you won't have to risk getting one wrong.
3. Keep them in their seats. They should 'just be able' to sit quietly all hour.
4. Don't treat them with respect. After all, they are just kids.
5. Treat boys and girls the same.
6. Or better yet, be condescending to the girls' drama and put down boys when they act up.
7. Make the whole class stay after for the infractions of one student.
8. Mistake their youthful exuberance for willful disobedience. Punish them accordingly.
9. Be suspicious of their motives. If you expect them to ruin your day, they will.
10. Tell your colleagues how bad your kids are. It will make you feel better about following the other 9 tips.

Feel free to add your tips. We've all had teachers we can draw from.

Check out http://ajleon.me/12-tips-to-ensure-you-never-ever-get-anything-done. This is where I got the idea for this post.